Krista A. Schultz, MEd, CSCS - Exercise Physiologist & Coach


I was nervous and anxious as I lined up with the other girls in my age group at start of the 750 meter swim for my first triathlon. I had never swum in open water for even close to that distance. When a horn signaled the start, my heart jumped, but then time seemed to fly by. I exited the water and then quickly found myself having fun on the heavy, borrowed bike I was using. When I ran across the finish line that day I felt tired and hungry, but I also felt a strong sense of accomplishment.


I began training for more triathlons and coaching others to do the same. As I grew in the sport and raced more, I realized that I had gift to help others discover their own potential. My passion for the sport of triathlon parallels my desire to help athletes of all levels and ability realize they can do well in a triathlon, too.


As a coach and exercise physiologist specializing in endurance sports testing including blood lactate, VO2 max and resting metabolic rate (RMR), I help hundreds of athletes each year. I regularly speak at camps and seminars and am a co-founder of She Does Tri for Women.


I have my BS and MEd in Exercise Physiology from University of New Orleans and Goucher College (respectively) and am currently certified by:

As a triathlete, my accomplishments include:

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Triathletes we've trained:
"I had an extremely positive experience working with David.  David was able to set out a yearly and weeky plan that added structure and took the guess work out of training for me.  It was nice to be able to focus my energy on doing the workouts and not planning what workouts I should be doing.  I never felt felt that I was overtraining or risking injury in my workouts."
- John Murray, Washington, DC
Triathletes we've trained:
" ben_im It is beyond difficult to put into words how much you’ve helped me to develop and grow over the last year. I just don’t think it's possible. I certainly would not have achieved any of those great results without your wisdom, guidance and experience.  It's particularly difficult to say thank you for those intangibles...thank you.
- Ben Feinberg, Alexandria, VA
Triathletes we've trained:
" christiana2 Thanks to David I just completed my most enjoyable and successful Ironman season yet.  Not only did I have a PR by over 30 minutes at the Ironman distance, but I am injury free, motivated for next season, and more easily fitting Ironman training into my already busy life."
- Christiana, Challenge Roth