Triathlon and Run Coaching with Krista Schultz, MEd, CSCS

We provide you with the individual coaching + support that you need for success in your triathlon and run events year round.

Personally designed by Coach Krista, your individualized, feedback driven training plan will help you reach your goals at any triathlon distance from Sprint to Ironman® and run distance from 5K to marathon.

Coaching services are available worldwide; however, some program features may be available only if you are local or able to travel to Boulder, Colorado, USA.

Please contact Krista for more information and to sign up. Coaching space is limited.

Krista Schultz triathlon and run coaching

Coaching Options:

Personal Coaching

Monthly Phone Call with Krista
  • Initial consultation with Krista to review your history and set goals
  • Monthly phone call and unlimited emails with Krista
  • A detailed, individual daily training schedule
  • Workout reminders emailed to you every day
  • Complimentary online training log
  • Commitment: 6 months (minimum)
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Group Coaching (2-5 Clients)

Monthly Group Phone Call with Krista
  • Initial group consultation with Krista to review history and set goals
  • Group monthly phone call and unlimited emails with Krista
  • A detailed group training schedule
  • Workout reminders emailed to group every day
  • Complimentary online training log
  • Commitment: 6 months (minimum)
  • Prices are person (minimum of 2 clients; maximum of 5 clients)
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Clients Krista Has Coached:

Hi Krista! I thought I’d send along a quick update for you. I did the Musselman on Sunday in Geneva, NY. Have you ever done it? It’s such a fun race. It was CRAZY HOT! Anyway, I had a good time and most importantly learned a TON so the next one will go a bit better. Thanks again for an awesome program! Jen Reschke


Krista has been my coach and trainer for nearly the last three years. She is the jockey. I’m the horse. With customized workouts in my training plan, she has made me into a regular qualifier for the Boston Marathon (I now run it every year) and a ranked runner in the VA – DC – MD region. My interest is in race results. Krista delivers. Jim Archibald


Due to your coaching, I have become a much more intelligent racer. Boston is the best case in point. I missed a lot of training and still broke 3:30 simply by following your plan and conserving some energy for the hills.
I re-emphasize that you really know what you’re doing. I hate to lose. That some times cause me to go out way too hard. You have really educated me for which I am very thankful. Doug Baldridge


I finished my first ever half-ironman distance triathlon on July 7th! The training plan Krista put together absolutely got me ready – I was really pleased with my performance for the swim and bike, and survived the run despite unexpected and extremely hot temperatures for our region. Krista was also very quick to respond to any questions I had. Thanks for helping me achieve this goal – I’m looking forward to my next half-ironman event on September 8th! Shelly Wood


Krista: I did not have the chance to mention today that I appreciate all your help.

As I looked back over the past two years, I basically attribute a change in lifestyle to saving my life.   I realized I was on track for continuing to add weight and increasing risk of a reduced lifestyle if I did not make major changes.

While I will never be your star client who wins or qualifies for a championship race, having a coach allowed me to instill some routine into my training making it a lot less likely that I will revert to my old ways. Your training plan really helped make me faster and, more importantly, led me to a better quality of life.

Jeff Boltz, PhD