Complimentary Resources for Triathlon and Other Endurance Sports

As service to the sport of triathlon, we provide our clients and friends with complimentary resources that we feel will benefit them in their pursuit of personal excellence.

cycling drills

Cycling Drills
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field tests

Field Tests to Set
Training Zones


resources-strength training

Strength Exercises
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swimming drills

Swim Drills
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taper and recovery guidelines

Taper & Recovery Guidelines

warm up and cool down guidelines

Warm Up and Cool Down
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Written Articles



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Triathletes we've trained:
"Darcy Ytterdahl Ironman FloridaWhen I first hired ENDURANCEWORKS, I was a novice - a non-athlete who’d just come off a weight loss program, after years of being officially classified as obese. I had just one super sprint under my belt before I hired David. He has made me into a true triathlete, and helped me get progressively better each year - the last two have garnered me USAT Honorable Mention status and I couldn’t be happier with this year’s accomplishment of a sub-12 hour Ironman! Thank you, David, for your amazing coaching services!"
- Darcy Ytterdahl, Ironman Florida
Triathletes we've trained:
"Doing the coaching with you is the best thing I did to prepare for these summer triathlons! You've added the motivation and experience to have me ready on race day! Your service and experience is PRICELESS!!!!"
- Scott Ackerman, Ashburn, VA
Triathletes we've trained:
"I had an extremely positive experience working with David.  David was able to set out a yearly and weeky plan that added structure and took the guess work out of training for me.  It was nice to be able to focus my energy on doing the workouts and not planning what workouts I should be doing.  I never felt felt that I was overtraining or risking injury in my workouts."
- John Murray, Washington, DC