Triathlon & Run Training Plans by David Glover & Krista Schultz

krista schultz triathlon finishTake the guesswork out of your triathlon or run training and gain the confidence and fitness you need to succeed by purchasing one of our training plans.

Developed and hand-written by exercise physiologists and USA Triathlon-certified coaches, David Glover, MS, CSCS and Krista Schultz, MEd, CSCS, our run and triathlon training plans provide you with a structured plan and expertise of a professional coach at less cost than individual coaching.

Our plans offer our wisdom of "having been there and done that" and helping hundreds of other athletes achieve their dreams. Built with 25+ years of training, racing and coaching experience, each detailed, periodized training plan is designed to set you up for your success on race day.

Most importantly, you can always contact us with any questions about your training plan.


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We've designed Full Distance Triathlon Training Plans for both novice and experienced triathletes competing in an Ironman® or other full distance race consisting of a 2.4-mile swim / 112-mile bike / 26.2-mile run. Plan durations available from 10 to 24 weeks.

Our Half Distance Triathlon Training Programs are available for age group triathletes competing in an Ironman 70.3® or other half distance triathlons (1.2-mile swim / 56-mile bike / 13.1-mile run). Plan durations available from 10 to 24 weeks.

Our International (Olympic) Distance Triathlon Training Plans are for age group triathletes competing in an International or Olympic distance triathlon (typically 1,500m swim / 40km bike / 10km run). Plan durations available for 10 or 16 weeks.

Our Sprint Distance Triathlon Training Programs are designed for age group triathletes competing in a Sprint distance triathlon (typically 750m swim / 20km bike / 5km run). Plan durations available for 10 or 16 weeks.


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We offer Marathon Training Plans for both the pure runner and for the triathlete who still needs to maintain a moderate level of swim and bike fitness.

Our Half Marathon Training Plans are designed for the novice to intermediate level runner, this periodized run training plan will prepare you for your 13.1 mile run.

Our 10K Run Training Plans are designed for the novice to intermediate level runner, this periodized run training plan will prepare you for your 10k run.

Our 5K Run Training Plans are designed for the novice to intermediate level runner, this periodized run training plan will prepare you for your 5k run.


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Our Custom Triathlon Training Plans are hand-crafted for the novice to elite level triathlete, duathlete or distance runner around YOUR unique races and goals for any event(s) at any distance.

Please our FAQ or contact us for more information.


Please note: Ironman®, Ironman Triathlon® and Ironman 70.3® are registered trademarks of World Triathlon Corporation (WTC). Any non-race specific references to the words “Ironman” or “Ironman-distance” on this website refer to a triathlon that is the standard length established by the original Ironman race in Hawaii (2.4-mile swim, 112-mile bike and 26.2-mile run).


FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

1. What kinds of training plans do you have?

We have plans for Sprint, International, Half (70.3 Miles), Full (140.6 Miles) Triathlons plus Running Races, too.

We also offer OFF-SEASON training plans for the winter training months.

We can also build a custom training plan...just for you.


2. What plan durations are available?

Plan durations are available from 10 to 24 weeks depending on the plan.


3. Can I print out a hard copy of my training plan?

Yes, you can print out a .pdf version of your online training plan from TrainingPeaks (click on small printer icon in upper right corner of page then select the number of weeks to print).


4. Do you have downloadable (.pdf) training plans, too?

Yes, we do.  We have downloadable training plans plus mental training and strength training guides.


5. Can I upload my Garmin, power meter or heart rate monitor workout data?

Yes, TrainingPeaks is compatible with most devices (VIEW list) and allows you to upload your performance data to be viewed in charts and analyzed.


6. What if I have a full time job or other commitments - will a plan still work?

Yes, we recognize that you will have other commitments outside of your training and that you're going to miss some of the workouts.  We provide guidance in the accompanying training plan guide for what you should do when you miss a workout.  In general, if you can complete 70-80% of the given workouts per week then you'll be successful.


7. What if I need to move workouts around in my training plan?

TrainingPeaks will allow you to "drag and drop" workouts if you have a paid Premium TrainingPeaks membership.  Unfortunately, if you have a free Basic TrainingPeaks membership, you won't be able to "drag and drop" workouts but a workaround is to print out a hard copy of your plan then make notations of any changes on the print out.


8. Are your training plans appropriate for both men and women?

Absolutely!  We recognize there are physiological differences between men and women but the workouts are designed to work for either gender and can be adapted to your unique fitness and physiology using training zones that are determined from field tests in the training plan.

However, we also offer women-specific plans designed by Krista Schultz, MEd, CSCS if you would prefer to interact with a female coach.


9. How do I modify my training plan for other events leading up to my goal event?

We created downloadable taper and recovery guidelines that you can follow to modify your training plan for taper and recovery weeks for your other events.


10. How do I set my training zones to determine how hard I should exercise?

We created downloadable field tests that you can use to set your training zones for your swim, bike and run workouts.


11. Where can I find examples of the swim drills in my training plan?

You can find videos of all the swim drills plus other training tools in our online resources.


12. More questions?

Please contact us and we'll be happy to answer them for you.





Triathletes we've trained:
" susan arnold biking at beach2battleship fullOnce again, you and your training plan got me to the next huge milestone. Last year your plan prepared me to finish my first HIM distance with Miami Man and this year I did the Beach2Battleship Full. Thank you so very much! I will continue to tell anyone and everyone how great your plans are!"
- Susan Arnold, Beach2Battleship Finisher
Triathletes we've trained:
"ron baker ironman 70.3 triathleteFirst let me say thank you...I purchased one of your training plans for my first Ironman 70.3 in Boise last Saturday and it went great. I finished and hit the goals I had for the first time out. THANK YOU!!!
-- Ron Baker, Ironman 70.3 Boise Finisher
Triathletes we've trained:
"linda benson ironman 70.3 finisher I recently finished my first 1/2 iron triathlon after using David Glover's novice plan. It was very simple to follow and comprehensive including the additional swim drill videos and supplemental educational material. It prepared me very well for the race which I completed well within my expected finish time. "
- Linda Benson
Triathletes we've trained:
" sioban I WON the bike section in my triathlon and placed 5th in my category!! AND I didn't drown. I felt great!! I paced myself and had extra energy when I crossed the finish line! Had a blast!! I'm offically hooked on tri!!!"
- Sioban Castor, Washington, DC