Training Plans for Ironman® Distance Triathlons

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"You are an Ironman®!"
These are the magical words you hear when you cross the finish line. Congratulations for taking on this epic journey to complete an event like no other – a 140.6-mile swim, bike and run odyssey!


Our training plans will prepare you.
Drawing on 30+ years of experience as athletes, insights from coaching hundreds of athletes and education inexercise physiology, David Glover, MSE, MS, CSCS and Krista Schultz, MEd, CSCS hand-crafted these Ironman-distance training plans with the primary goal of preparing you for race day success.

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We offer race-specific plans, plus plans for:

experienced ironman aquabikes athletes training plan experienced ironman athletes training plan ironman training programs for masters athletes novice athletes ironman off season base period training plans ironman training plans for women

3 stars iconBONUS: Build and Maintain: Strength Training for Triathletes ($29 value) is included with each plan.

Training for another race distance? We also have plans for Sprint, International, Half (70.3 Miles) plus Running Races, too.



Each training plan includes:

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check mark Detailed, periodized online training plan with daily workouts.
check mark Complimentary online training log in TrainingPeaks.
check mark Mobile access to your plan via TrainingPeaks apps.
check mark Our proprietary Triathlon Training Plan Guide
check mark Daily email reminders of upcoming workouts.
check mark Guidelines for schedule changes, race week, training nutrition and more.
check mark Monthly field tests to benchmark progress and set individualized training zones.
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Videos demonstrating all of the swim drills.
check mark Email access to plan authors with any questions about your plan.


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Choose your plan and plan duration.


Category plans may be set to start or end on any date so can be easily used for any race.


Plan durations are 24, 18, 14 or 10 weeks except for off-season plans which are 8 weeks.

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Pay a one-time fee through TrainingPeaks to purchase the plan and receive the plan automatically into your TrainingPeaks account.

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Download our Training Guide and Strength Training guides from the start day of your plan.

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Please see our FAQ or contact us for more information.


Please note: Ironman®, Ironman Triathlon® and Ironman 70.3® are registered trademarks of World Triathlon Corporation (WTC). Any non-race specific references to the words “Ironman” or “Ironman-distance” on this website refer to a triathlon that is the standard length established by the original Ironman race in Hawaii (2.4-mile swim, 112-mile bike and 26.2-mile run).

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

1. What if my race is not available?

If a race-specific plan is not available, we have plans for AQUABIKE, EXPERIENCED, MASTERS (40+), NOVICE and WOMEN andathletes that can be set to start or end on any race date. We can also build a CUSTOM TRAINING PLAN designed from scratch...just for you.


2. What are the minimal physical requirements for following plan?

Prior to beginning any of these Ironman-distance training plans, you should be able to complete the following workouts:

  • Swim: 500 meters or yards
  • Bike: 90 minutes
  • Run: 45 minutes


3. What plan lengths are available?

Training plans for Ironman (Full) distance races are available in 24-, 18-, 14- and 10-week lengths except for the off-season plans which are 8 weeks in length. We can also build you a CUSTOM TRAINING PLAN that is built from scratch...just for you.


4. What is the best plan for me?

We created a variety of training plans and plan variations to meet the vary needs of our clients.

The novice plans are designed more for first timers or for athletes who are looking just for a finish. EXPERIENCED athlete plans are for the experienced Ironman or Ironman 70.3 distance athlete who is looking to improve his or her time.

Our NOVICE plans start out at less weekly training volume and have fewer and shorter intervals than the Experienced athlete plans. If this is your first race a this distance, you may want to consider this plan.

As a woman, you may want to consider one of our plans for WOMEN which feature plan support by Krista Schultz, MEd, CSCS.

For the 40+ year old athlete, we also offer a MASTERS athlete plan.


5. Can I print out a hard copy of my training plan?

Yes, you can print out a .pdf version of your online training plan from within TrainingPeaks (click on small printer icon in upper right corner of page then select the number of weeks to print).


6. Do you have downloadable (.pdf) training plans, too?

Yes, we do.  We have downloadabled training plans plus mental training and strength training guides.


7. Can I upload my Garmin, power meter or heart rate monitor workout data?

Yes, TrainingPeaks is compatible with most devices (VIEW list of devices) and allows you to upload your performance data to be viewed in charts and analyzed.


8. What if I have a full time job or other commitments - will the plan still work?

Yes, we recognize that you will have other commitments outside of your training and that you're going to miss some of the workouts.  We provide guidance in the accompanying training plan guide for what you should do when you miss a workout.  In general, if you can complete 70-85% of the given workouts per week then you'll be successful.


9. What if I need to move workouts around in my training plan?

TrainingPeaks will allow you to "drag and drop" workouts if you have a paid Premium TrainingPeaks membership.  Unfortunately, if you only have a free Basic TrainingPeaks membership, you won't be able to "drag and drop" workouts but a workaround is to print out a hard copy of your plan then make notations of any changes on the print out.


10. Are your Ironman training plans appropriate for both men and women?

Absolutely!  We recognize there are physiological differences between men and women but the workouts are designed to work for either gender and can be adapted to your unique fitness and physiology using training zones that are determined from field tests in the training plan.

We also do offer women-specific plans designed by Krista Schultz, MEd, CSCS (founder of She Does Tri) if you would prefer to interact with a female coach. 


11. How do I modify my training plan for other events leading up to my goal event?

We created taper and recovery guidelines that you can follow to modify your training plan for taper and recovery weeks for your other events.


12. How do I set my training zones to determine how hard I should exercise?

We created field tests that you can use to set your training zones for your swim, bike and run workouts.


13. Where can I find examples of the swim drills in my training plan?

You can find videos of all the swim drills plus other training tools in the online resources section of our website.


14. More questions?

Please contact us and we'll be happy to answer your questions.





We can help you achieve your dream:
Triathletes we've trained:


"I finished the Ironman Wisconsin race. I was thrilled to finish, and credit the training program for my success. I followed the training program tightly, and added extra effort when and where I could. Yes, I am in the club. I will recommend your program to anyone who asks. Your responses to my questions were prompt and thorough."
- Todd Hinckley, Ironman Wisconsin
Triathletes we've trained:
"russ hanson ironmanJust wanted to let you know IM Louisville was on Sunday and I am an Ironman! I could not have done it without you. Your training plan prepared me and still left me time for my full time job and my family. I owe you big time, brother."

- Russ Hanson, Ironman Louisville

Triathletes we've trained:
"Just completed the Cairns Ironman in Australia last weekend and had a brilliant day. Ended up doing 12:32, as compared to 14:58 in my first Ironman!!!!!
The reason for exceeding my goal of 13:30 can be attributed to the following points:
  • more training
  • more focus
  • buying a turbo trainer for mid week sessions, and last but not least....
  • your awesome program!!!!
I could not of achieved my goal without it."
- Andrew Cunningham
Triathletes we've trained:
" cody miller ironman wisconsinI bought your 24 week training program for Wisconsin. I followed it as close as schedules would permit. I guess I would say I was spot on or did a little more for 95% of the program. This was number 3 for me. Previously I have done Texas and Florida though, and those courses were much easier in my opinion. I’m simply writing this to thank you. I finished in 12:47…as a 47 year old male, I was upper mid pack and happy with the results. Best of all, I hit it with confidence and finished with gas in the tank (albeit not too much! )"
- Cody Miller, Ironman Wisconsin